Fantastic Friday
Play Whe International Soca Monarch Final

March 01, 2019  •  Queen’s Park Savannah

Power is BACK!

Welcome to the new era of soca, where we take the biggest musical attraction in Carnival and transform it into one of the most significant music events in the world!

The Fantastic Friday International Soca Monarch is not only a showcase of popular and established soca artistes but a platform for emerging talent as well. The event also creates opportunities and employment for many, including our very own UTT graduates in various technical fields.

We will rebrand and revitalise this 27-year-old competition and make it a viable and well-run music tourism attraction.

Throughout the years, soca has grown not only in vibes but also in scale, attracting music lovers from across the globe. It is now time to take the next step, to outdo ourselves and to make the product better for our country Trinidad and Tobago and for the fans.


Participants can enter with either Power or Groovy songs in 2019.

Competitors will vie for 4 top positions:-
First, Second and Third in the Power Category and First in Groovy.

The Power Category winner will be crowned the Fantastic Friday International Soca Monarch 2019.

The ISM competition will rely on POWER SOCA and the energy it brings to create that vibe and stir that made SOCA monarch the force it is to be reckoned with.


To ensure that the process is one that is fair, efficient and timely, a crafted listening panel will be responsible for the selection of semi-finalists.

To facilitate the process, submissions will be addressed as soon as they are received.
Selected songs will be handed over to authorised personnel then to another group of judges who will be responsible for narrowing down the selection.

Thirty-five (35) submission will be selected.